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About Bridgette

In her first CD, titled "By The Sea", Bridgette has combined her passion for playing the guitar and singing, with her love of the ocean (she has a PhD in Oceanography from the University of Miami) to create a collection of great ocean-themed kids songs.

Her second CD release, titled "Dance With Me", is a wonderful collection of songs for families to enjoy whether dancing in the living room or going to bed. Recently Bridgette has included two local parents as band members and now good friends. Look for more to come from them as "Bridgette and the Band", with a CD hopefully to be released this coming year.

When not writing and performing music, Bridgette stays home in Annapolis, MD with her two daughters, Dana and Lara. It is important to Bridgette and her husband, Brian, that 5% of all profits from these CDs will go to charities that work with and support children.

How It Started

Bridgette and Brian play the guitar and sing a lot with their 2 daughters. One day while Bridgette was playing for Dana, she asked for the “Bobbing Blobbing Jellyfish” song . . . . so Bridgette made one up on the spot. (Inspired by the book “Chesapeake ABC” by Priscilla Cummings).

The song was a hit with Dana – so Bridgette kept playing it . . . which led to writing more songs. She went to play for Dana’s local pre-school class and had a ton of fun. Bridgette asked her neighbors with “Pirate Adventures” if they would sell her CDs if she made them. They readily agreed, and so it began . . . . . !

Making the Music!

Bridgette and Brian bought a digital recorder and Brian calls himself “the sound engineer.”

They record in the living room after the girls go to sleep at night. Many of the instruments are kids' instruments — congo drum, steel pan, maracas (shac-shac). These instruments and the sing-along lyrics create a great opportunity for kids listening to the CD to sing and play along with Bridgette.

While not "managing" Bridgette, Brian teaches science and runs the Outdoor Program at a local school in Annapolis. They look forward to more songs to come !!!!

Some of Bridgette's Favorite Websites

Bridgette's Special Thank You

Listen to a few songs by Bridgette.